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About Us:

Thank you for visiting X-PlanesForSale.com!. Our site is owned and operated by AIRCRAFT OWNERS and Pilots! We understand all aspects of Buying, Operating, and Selling aircraft of all types. We also understand that airplane buyers and sellers have embraced the Internet as one of the most valuable tools to help them buy or sell aircraft. To that extent, we have completed the development of this exciting new platform that is sure to bring aircraft buyers and sellers together. X-PlanesForSale.com brings a unique focus to the Experimental and Light Sport world of aviation, aiming to become the largest lister of all associated aircraft, and a useful resource to all pilots and aviation buffs interested in researching Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft and the industry which supports them!

The single most important aspect of a successful business on the Internet is the ability to be found by Internet Shoppers! Our sister site, to which we are linked, www.AircraftOnSale.com, contains the # 1 Searched Keywords and Keyword strings used by shoppers on Google, Yahoo and MSN! Our site name is synonymous with the listing of aircraft worldwide and our site appears at the TOP of search pages on all major search engines for almost every aircraft sales related keyword. If you are a dealer or seller of a flying machine of any type, you can rest assured that your ad will have the highest visibility across the World Wide Web!

Buyers can find FULL COLOR Photo Ads with complete specifications and contact information, and Sellers have simple flat rate pricing as low as $14.95 per month for a full color ad with up to 20 photos! Find all types of Experimental and Light Sport aircraft on sale! If it's available to sell, we will list it here! We offer avionics, engines, and parts for all aircraft through The-Aerodrome.com, where you can also find our aircraft classifieds page and auction, and an entire aviation community! Please take a moment now to sit back and review the pages of our site and feel free to email or call us with any comments that you might have.

What Makes Us Better Than the Rest?

Here are 4 reasons just to name a few...

1. Unlike other aircraft listing sites, you have full control over your own advertisements! You create and edit your ad listings at your leisure. No waiting for a sales person, who doesn't know your aircraft the way that you do, to edit your ads!

2. As we mentioned above, you are advertising with a name synonymous with aircraft sales, and our name is THE #1 Searched Keyword for aircraft sales on Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing! Your ad listings will be found on the top of the 1st page of all search engines simply because of the strength and relevance of our name.

3. If you are an Experimental or Light Sport Aircraft Manufacturer, we give you a FREE webpage within our site! There, people interested in your aircraft can read about you and see current listings of those who are selling your type aircraft! You can drive customers directly to your webpage where they will find all of your contact information, your logo, pictures of your aircraft, and of course ALL related listings. We can also include bios of your staff and any other information that you feel is applicable!

4. PRICE…PRICE…PRICE!! Get a Photo Ad Listing for only $ 14.95 per month that includes up to 20 Full Color Photos, Full Specifications including the ability to upload PDF documents of engine and airframe logs, unlimited editing and much, much more!

The AircraftOnSale.com Group!

X-PlanesForSale.com is one of three websites designed to give you the best possible online aircraft selling/shopping experience! The AircraftOnSale.com Group consists of AircraftOnSale.com, The-Aerodrome.com, and X-PlanesForSale.com, each with a special and unique emphasis, catering to all sectors of aviation. Please visit all of our sites, today!